Sustainability consultancy & trainings

  • What values does your brand stand for? Is it just a marketing strategy? Or do you live it throughout the whole company? How would your business actions change if you thought you’d be in business for 10, 50 or 100 years?
  • It’s not about CSR.
    • We believe in businesses as a force for good and we want to walk with companies in finding ways in promoting the UN Sustainable Development Goals. We look to bring change from the inside out at all different levels—not just as a marketing strategy or limited to the Corporate Social Responsibility department. We work with a focus on how to become more purposeful and how to translate this throughout the company.
  • Sustainability isn’t just a “nice to have”.
    • But it also unlocks an economic opportunity. Millennials and Gen Z (who today represent over 35% of the workforce) are looking for brands that champion authenticity, horizontal, and bottom-up roles, both as employees and as consumers. They express new expectations from the companies they work for and buy from. Leaders that want to attract and retain the right talent, will need to foster cultures that break down silos.
  • When the vision is clear, strategy is easy.
    • Often times sustainable and impactful actions are taken but they’re not matched with the brand and company culture. Our team works on how these actions make sense or not by understanding the brand’s purpose & strategy.
  • Expertise & knowledge.
    • Our cross-sectorial team & network has expertise in different areas—whether it’s plastics, waste management, water, renewable energy, social intrapreneurship, or gender diversity, among others. In addition, we collaborate with an international network of changemakers to match the talent that best fits each companies needs throughout each project.

What makes us different

  • We link art, music, fun, and experiences with purpose, impact, and sustainability. We believe in the power of music and we want to see the industry become a key actor in bringing change in society worldwide.

  • We will always look to co-create changes through dynamic, bottom-up, participatory, and—whenever possible—fun approaches.

  • Empathy – we like to step into your shoes and gather the resources required to find solutions to your biggest challenges together.

  • We’re an intergenerational team with a diversity of strengths, talents, and expertise.

  • We follow the latest global trends: International corporations, investment funds & leading universities are completing studies that recognise the importance of purposeful brands and how it links back to profit.

  • We’re a social business—our yearly net profits are reinvested to create local impact.

Waste management & balearic law on waste

  • We provide trainings which are adapted and personalised to fit each company’s context and needs. One of our key trainings promotes sustainable waste management through the 3 R rule—reduce, reuse and recycle—and the elimination of single-use plastics.

  • Why sustainable waste management? Last February the Balearic Government approved a pioneering law on waste (Ley de Residuos). It is the most ambitious legal framework implemented at a national level—which instigates systems change in the way we consume based on preventing the generation of waste. As from 2021 the law will come into force and will oblige companies to carry out changes at all different levels, such as eliminating single-use plastic or ensuring 50% of waste generated is recycled.

  • The training is split into two parts:

    • 1) How does the recycling and waste management system work in Ibiza.

    • 2) Participatory workshop in which team-work is encouraged. Employees gather in groups to co-create ideas and proposals on how the company can improve the waste management system.

  • In addition, we offer consultancy services on how to integrate sustainable waste management practices in line wit the legal framework.

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