An adapted trip to Disney with Apneef

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To celebrate our 20 years as a charity, we have thought to celebrate it with our boys and girls it in a special. This is why we have created the project “APNEEF’s adapted trip to Disney”, with a two night stay in Disneyland Paris. We hope to take around 50 people including children and monitors.

As a response to our aim at providing comprehensive care to all people with disabilities and their families, one of the present challenges we are trying to improve is the Family Respite Care services through different leisure activities we want to offer our youth.

With this project we want to provide a space of leisure for our girls and boys to be able to leave the island for three days. It includes flights, full board, accommodation, touristic taxes, and transfers with an adapted bus. The trip is designed according to a schedule of activities for all of the participants to be able to enjoy.

In APNEEF we carry out various activities with a comprehensive, therapeutic, and leisure component, with the goal of covering all needs. During the past years we have been organising Leisure and Respite programmes which have proved to be of great success thanks to the collaboration of various entities in Ibiza. It is a programme that takes place during a period of three days, usually during the week, in order to offer leisure alternatives the for little ones, as well as a well-deserved respite for the parents.

Our children have needs that must be met from different areas of daily life. They need to receive additional support than just school to respond to each of their individual needs. During the week they go to school, in the afternoons many of them attend therapy, and when the weekend comes it is difficult to attend “adapted activities”, as the options are very limited. These kids love to share moments of fun, games, and complicities between their friends, but usually it is difficult for them. This is why we have in our hearts that this project is very important for the children, to open the range of possibilities, but also to spend a very unique and different weekend.

This activity is not just intended for the children, but also for their families. That’s why this project is aimed at them too, at those “hidden heroes with giant hearts”, those mummies and daddies. For all these reasons, we have decided to create and carry out a project that meets their needs, and that allows everyone, both adults and children, spend the holiday of their dreams.

Our objective is to obtain full financing of the trip so that the economic conditions of each family doesn’t suppose the exclusion of any of the children to be able to attend and participate if they’d like to.

We foster healthy and happy relationships between children, youth, monitors, and companions in a fun atmosphere, always trying to enhance autonomy, improving development and the practice of acquired skills of these children, as the lead actors of this adventure.

With the completion of the project we intend to meet the needs and expectations of all participants. Being able to see their smiles at the end of the trip we believe will be the best way in which we can measure the success of this project.

Fundraising Status

Goal AmountEUR 34.942
Funds to Raise EUR -0,61
Funds Raised EUR 34.942,61
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Ocean Beach Club 24.73%
Community 29.47%
Moto Luis Rent a Car 7.15%
Fiesta Pukka Up 5.72%
Grupo Mambo 2.86%
Cala Bassa Beach Club 2.68%
Restaurante Vogamarí 2.76%
Pinturas David Palerm 1.14%
Familias APNEEF 19.75%
APNEEF 3.72%

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