The homeless and hidden poor in Ibiza

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Ibiza Preservation Foundation

Beatport with the support of (Ma), a local crowdfunding platform, and 24/7 Ibiza, a charity working alongside the vulnerable in Ibiza, is raising funds for the homeless and the hidden poor on the paradoxically luxury island. 

The funds raised will be distributed across different local organisations working in Ibiza alongside these communities. Some of the needs covered will include practical items such as food parcels, cooked meals for the homeless during the winter months, sleeping bags and underwear, as well as covering the costs of running the shower and washing machine services.

Ibiza is now a luxury destination, but in reality that means a rapidly growing inequality between the rich and the poor, especially during the winter months. The cost of living has soared in recent years, with rental prices being at an all time high. On average 82% of people’s wages go towards their rent, and that’s regarding those who actually have a home. The pandemic has only added to the imbalance. Access to work and housing is becoming more and more difficult. In the Balearics 22% of people are at risk of falling into poverty or social exclusion. Although a lot of money enters the island, it often doesn’t stay and the distribution of wealth is becoming a challenge. It rarely reaches those who really need it: those behind the scenes helping to maintain the luxury for those who come seeking it.

24-7 Ibiza is a local charity that exists to care for the emotional, physical and spiritual needs of the community. 

(Ma) is a learning lab for sustainable transformation born in Ibiza, which aims at contributing towards reimagining our economic model. (Ma) encourages organizations and companies to generate shared value and wealth at an economic, social and environmental level. (Ma) wants to contribute to the global paradigm shift towards the creation of a regenerative, circular and distributive economy that adapts and helps us navigate the reality of the 21st century.

Want to learn more and find ways of collaborating? We would love to hear from you 🙂

Through this project we are not able to provide a certificate of donation.

Please write to us should you have any questions.

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Funds Raised EUR 3.000,00
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