Ibiza Produce

Target: EUR 30.000 | Finished
EUR 20.852,25 Raised

Ibiza Preservation Foundation

A study carried out by Ibiza Preservation Fund in 2017 indicated that there is potential to increase the supply of local produce by creating additional demand. IBIZA PRODUCE is the programme through which we can encourage consumption of local produce, support farmers and thereby ensure the preservation of the island’s landscapes.

To enable this we need to create a platform through which:

producers can access more markets

chefs are connected to farms to buy directly from the source

customers are made aware of where to buy or consume authentic local produce

new producers are supported to set up agricultural and food businesses in Ibiza

local schools and hospitals commit to buy local produce.

If you enjoy Ibiza’s beautiful landscapes, then we encourage you to support the local farmers by buying Ibiza produce. Across the island, people are creating healthy, vibrant, sustainable, and local food systems. In order to sustain these systems we, the consumers, need to recognise the value of fresh local produce and be willing to invest in good food.

By supporting IBIZA PRODUCE, you will be supporting farmers, producers, and your own environment.



The aims of the programme are:

– to increase local consumption of fresh produce from the current 2% to at least 4% in the first year

– to increase the area of farmed land

– to increase the supply of locally processed food & beverage products

The funds raised will be used to create and manage this initiative, which will operate through an online platform as well as a series of meetings and workshops with the stakeholders of the food and agricultural sectors of Ibiza.

(Photo credit: Jon Izeta, taken at Finca Ecológica Can Musón)

Fundraising Status

Goal AmountEUR 30.000
Funds to Raise EUR 9.147,75
Funds Raised EUR 20.852,25
Breakdown of Funds RaisedView Full Report
IPF's 10th Anniversary Event 58.31%
Red Party Guests @ Nikki Beach Ibiza 0.53%
Guests @ the Economics of Happiness 0.67%
Sir Joan Hotel 10.00%

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