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Who we are

The charity Tursiops was founded in 1998 with the objective of studying and disseminating studies carried out on cetaceans and other marine species, especially around the Balearic islands.

What we do

Since Tursiops began working with acoustic instruments, the organisation has achieved an optimum level of experience both in handling the instruments as well as managing the data obtained. As a results of various years of studies and in coordination with other research groups, a paper was published that analysed an investigation on the bottlenose dolphin within different Spanish protected marine areas, which include the marine reserve of the “Freus d’Eivissa I Formentera” (Castellote, et a. 2014). This research sheds light on aspects such as the seasonal pattern of the presence of Tursiops truncates, the description of the habitat use for feeding, as well as the differences in the areas regarding night and day.

One of the main conclusions was the evidence of a displacement effect on the bottlenose dolphins towards distant areas from the coast during the moths with highest human presence in the marine reserve areas.

Currently the Tursiops charity is working on the study of the correlation between underwater noise and the presence of cetaceans in the Canal de Mallorca (between Ibiza and Formentera).

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